Customer EDI Story- Building Products Manufacturer

Here is a brief customer EDI story of ours about a building products manufacturer. In 2016, a prominent building products company based in Richmond, VA, faced a significant challenge with only two individuals handling their IT responsibilities. Recognizing the need for professional EDI management, this company approached us for assistance. Subsequent discussions led to a successful proof of concept, where we established an inbound 855 PO acknowledgment with one trading partner. This initial success paved the way for a broader collaboration, and by 2017, They began migrating more trading partners to our EDI managed service.   

In the midst of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they informed us of their acquisition of another large building products supplier a week before the outbreak. Presently, we assist their EDI operations with 36 trading partners, including industry leaders such as Anderson Windows, Simonton, CertainTeed, DAP, and James Hardie. Our scope encompasses various EDI transactions, such as outbound purchase orders, inbound invoices, and inbound PO acknowledgments. 

As they continue to scale and grow, they leverage cutting-edge technologies to maintain operational excellence and leadership within their industry. We are privileged to collaborate with such a dynamic and forward-thinking team. 

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