Customer EDI Story- Food Products Manufacturer

This is a customer EDI story about a food products manufacturer that we work with. EDI Partners has provided a prominent food products manufacturer based in Richmond, VA with EDI expertise needed to grow their business for the past 30 years Our engagement started with our team helping them with the management and implementation of several EDI transactions such as orders (850’s), invoices (810’s), order confirmations (855’s), and shipping notifications (856’s). At that time, our client operated a small EDI program on a single computer utilizing a program known as STX. They were having difficulty scaling their EDI operation due to the lack of in-house expertise and their, outdated systems.

After several years of assisting their in-house EDI program, they asked us to assume responsibility for their EDI functions under a Managed Service contract. We were able to solve their pain points and help them create a seamless transition onto our managed service platform. This change allowed them to dedicate their IT resources to other important priorities.  

Growth For Our EDI Customer

With EDI Partners handling their EDI program, the customer expanded its network to include over 100 trading partners. which included prominent entities such as Costco, BJ’s, Aldi, Walmart, and Amazon. Thus, we helped them grow their capability to handle additional EDI transactions including warehouse shipping orders (940’s), warehouse ship advice (945’s), and warehouse stock transfer shipment advice (943’s), all managed through our platform.

As new challenges have emerged, our collaborative efforts with the client have consistently yielded innovative solutions. They also grew their company through mergers and acquisitions. We have helped them integrate these new companies into our platform and to create a unified and easy to manage EDI system that allows them to efficiently communicate and transact with their partners.

We hope you enjoyed this customer EDI story and if you have any questions, please reach out to our team today!