Customer EDI Story- Valve Products Manufacturer

Here is a brief customer EDI story about a valve products manufacture that we work with. A client of ours, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality valve products, faced a significant challenge when their trading partners mandated changes to their Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) in the ANSI X12 format. These changes required the industrial products manufacturer to incorporate the Pack Level into their ASN structure, adding complexity to their shipping process. As industries increasingly made ASNs mandatory, the industrial products manufacturer found themselves needing to adapt to new requirements. This included incorporating the Pack Level into their ASN structure, making the Item Level a child of the parent Pallet loop rather than the Order level as it was before. Additionally, some trading partners demanded a new carton/pallet SSCC (UCC-128) label format. 

Complexity of customer EDI story

Recognizing the complexity of this task, the industrial products manufacturer turned to EDI Partners for assistance. Working closely with their IT department, EDI Partners provided expertise in mapping and flow for the database tables needed to translate the new ASN format accurately. This involved setting up new trading partner ASN maps and fine-tuning existing maps for efficiency. Furthermore, EDI Partners collaborated with the industrial products manufacturer’s IT team to modify their ERP programs, ensuring seamless integration with the EDI cross-referencing system and improving turnaround capabilities. By addressing both the technical and operational aspects of the challenge, EDI Partners enabled the industrial products manufacturer to meet the new ASN requirements efficiently. 

With the support of EDI Partners, the industrial products manufacturer successfully implemented the required changes to their ASN structure, ensuring compliance with their trading partners’ mandates. The collaboration not only resolved immediate challenges but also improved the industrial products manufacturer’s overall EDI capabilities, setting them up for continued success in their B2B transactions. The industrial products manufacturer’s experience highlights the importance of partnering with experts like EDI Partners to navigate complex EDI challenges effectively. By leveraging their expertise in mapping, database structures, and ERP integration, EDI Partners helped the industrial products manufacturer adapt to evolving industry standards, ensuring seamless communication with their trading partners. If your company is facing similar EDI challenges, consider reaching out to EDI Partners for tailored solutions to meet your B2B integration needs. 

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